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Project Description
The Assembly Configuration Loader provides a unified method for loading default assembly configuration files (App.config) for multiple assemblies (DLL) and dynamically loading classes from assemblies.

Configuration Settings
The library provides a mechanism for Dynamic Link Libraries to support an app.config file in both a web (ASP.NET) and local (EXE) context.

After adding a reference to this assembly in your project and creating an app.config file and Settings file for the project (see the the resulting library will have configuration settings in its own app.config in both a web or local context. Furthermore, all libraries implementing this and executing in the same application will have a static configuration context where all config values are isolated by the Assembly name they are loaded in to; this permits a library or referencing assembly to peak at the configuration values across assemblies through a single data model.

Class Loader
The library provides utilities for dynamically loading classes from assemblies in both a web (ASP.NET) and local (EXE) context.

The ClassLoader has a pre-defined search order for how it attempts to ascertain the location of a type. The first avenue is to look through the currently executing assembly, calling assembly, and entry assembly, in that order. The next avenue is to attempt to either load the assembly with the same name as the type being searched for or a provided assembly file name. Failing the preceding, return null.

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